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10 Roads Express Workers Vote APWU Union Yes!

Truck drivers for 10 Roads Express in Harrisburg, PA have voted to form a union with the American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO. The 100 professional drivers in Harrisburg join nearly 1,000 10 Roads Express drivers who are already part the APWU.

The drivers, whose company is now the largest USPS trucking contractor, worked hard for their win. They stood strong in solidarity against a concerted anti-union campaign based on lies, illegal threats, and retaliation. However, the 10 Roads Express organizing committee stood strong and did the difficult collective work necessary to win!


With the win, the Harrisburg-based drivers have a real voice and power to bargain with Management over everything to do with wages, hours, and working conditions.

Bill Hamilton, an 18-year veteran mail-haul driver said, “Together, we will fight to secure things such as fair work rules, seniority rights, bidding rights, job security, and more. Most importantly, we will not accept being treated with anything less than the dignity and respect that we, as professional drivers, deserve”

APWU President Mark Dimondstein, said, “Congratulations to the workers on this important victory and welcome to the APWU Family! Their determined organizing made it happen. We all benefit when working people come together and strengthen their collective voice in a union. I salute all who supported the campaign, especially lead organizer Rich Shelley and Keystone Area Local President Kim Miller.”

In the coming days, workers will meet to decide what their bargaining priorities will be and which drivers will be on the negotiating committee. They will also work expeditiously to set up their new APWU Local Union, write their union constitution, and elect their new union officers.


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