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APWU Local-7140 Retiree’s News May-- August, 2021

APWU Local-7140 Retiree’s News May-- August, 2021

Attention Retiree’s Chapter Member

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to have a major impact on all American’s lives, our Local Retiree’s Chapter will continue to follow the COVID-19 Safety & Health Restriction Guidelines and Instructions, from our National APWU Retiree’s Chapter Director Nancy Olumekor. As stated in the previous Retiree’s News Brief, we will continue following the “No In-Person” Retiree’s Membership Meetings, and Social Distancing Restrictions for the State Of Illinois. As of the writing of this News Brief, it has been over 14 Months since our last Local Retiree’s In-Person Membership Meeting. We are Hopeful for a return to normal In-Person Retiree Membership Meetings in September of 2021. I Did Say Hopeful.

COVID-19 Vaccine Shots: The Local-7140 Retiree’s Chapter encourages all of our Retiree Membership, and their Families, to get The COVID-19 Vaccine Shots. There are numerous sites in the Chicago Area and Suburbs, that are providing Free COVID-19 Vaccine Shots. So get those Shots People. It’s much Healthier and Safer, to get the Shots, than to gamble that you won’t catch the COVID Virus, by not getting the shots. Bottom line, over 500,000 American’s have died in the past year, because they did not get the shots.

What We Have Missed Due To The COVID-19 Pandemic: The 2020 APWU All Craft Convention Scheduled for Los Angeles, and later changed to October 2021 in Las Vegas, were both cancelled, Due To the COVID-19 Pandemic Risk Factor for Large Social Events, Conventions, and Social Gatherings. The Next APWU National Convention will be held in August of 2022 in Washington DC. We also cancelled the 2020 and 2021 Local Retiree’s Anniversary Luncheons.

Virtual/ Zoom APWU Retiree’s & Legislative 2021 Conference Dates: The Virtual Legislative Conference is on Sunday, September 26, 2021. While the Virtual Retiree’s Conference is scheduled for Monday September 27 thru Wednesday September 29, 2021.

Finally, we are pleased to announce our new Northwest Illinois Area Local-7140 Website, that’s loaded with APWU National, State, and Local Union Information and News updates, including our very own APWU Retiree’s Chapter Membership Page. Our hope, is that we can encourage recent APWU Non-member Retiree’s from the past 10 years, to join our growing New Retiree’s Chapter. The APWU Retiree’s Membership Application is available at ( or our Local Retiree’s Web Page at ( Just $3.00 per month to join.

Thank You Webmaster Kyle Popek for our excellent new Website (


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