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Changes in MVS Leadership

Kenneth “Ken” Prinz, Assistant Director of the Motor Vehicle Service (MVS) Division at APWU national headquarters, has retired, effective July 1. Brother Prinz began working as a clerk for the Postal Service in 1974, but transferred into the MVS craft after approximately two years. Prinz is a member of the Philadelphia PA Area Local, where he began serving as a steward in 1986. He was elected as the Assistant Director of the MVS division of his local in 1990, and would later serve as Director of the craft.

In 2010, Prinz was elected to the position of Eastern Region National Business Agent (NBA) for the Motor Vehicle craft. He was the region’s NBA for ten years until he was appointed as the Assistant Director of the MVS Division when the previous Assistant Director, Javier Piñeres, retired in 2020. Brother Prinz has spent his career defending the craft. He was the lead officer in an arbitration over the contracting out of vehicle maintenance facility (VMF) work, which the USPS settled for $8 million dollars.

Garrett Langley, the former Philadelphia Region NBA, and member of the Lancaster Area Local, has since been appointed Assistant Director, MVS.

Shana Parker, former MVS Craft Director of the Philadelphia PA Area Local has been appointed to the NBA position formerly held by Langley.

“I want to congratulate brother Prinz on a long and distinguished career, and his many accomplishments as a member and officer in the Motor Vehicle Service Division. Ken’s selfless attitude and teamwork will be greatly missed,” said MVS Division Director, Michael Foster. “As we look to the future generations of MVS leadership we welcome brother Garrett Langley as the Assistant MVS Director. Garrett has proven himself as a fighter for the craft and willing to go above and beyond.

“We welcome sister Shana Parker of the Philadelphia Area Local to replace brother Langley as the MVS Eastern Region NBA. Shana has effectively led one of the larger MVS locals in the country and is eager to represent her region. I believe the future of the craft will be in competent hands with the new appointments, welcome aboard.”


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