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Don't Let the Postal Service check Your "Pulse!"

Starting June 14 through July 15 2022, the USPS is pushing its annual Postal Pulse Survey. The APWU leadership urges you to not let the Postal Service take your Pulse! Management surveys have been used as a weapon against the APWU during contract negotiations while not producing any real positive change for employees at the Postal Service.

Through notification from the Postal Service, APWU has learned the 2022 version of the survey removes the comment section and also asks the employee to recommend the Postal Service as an employer and rate its products/services. Nowhere in this survey is there a disclaimer that it is voluntary. Regardless of pressure from supervisors or managers, letter correspondence, excessive emails, or other tactics, employees are not required to participate in this survey. APWU urges you to not participate.

The USPS Postal Pulse Survey of 2021 showed us nothing that we didn’t already know. Management continues to ignore your most pressing concerns: worker morale, lack of positive recognition, health and safety concerns, and lack of career growth. Our right to collectively bargain, fight for better wages and safer workplaces begins postal workers standing together in their union.

Stay united, and don’t be fooled by management’s tricks created to divide us. Over years of struggle, we’ve won a negotiated grievance process, a labor-management cooperation process and national negotiations to address workplace issues. These are the proper channels for management to seek input from postal workers, not a management survey put together without any input from the APWU or the other postal unions.

Don’t let them take your “Pulse!”


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