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More Fraudulent Liteblue Activity

From Charlie Cash - Industrial Relations- APWU

I received a brief message today from the Postal Service about “fraudulent LiteBlue activity”. Other than the wording below, I have no information. In a coincidence, I already had a meeting scheduled to discuss LiteBlue issues on Tuesday of next week. I hope to find out more at that time. But feel free to share this message. Below is the entirety of the message I received from Vice-President Labor Relations Tom Blum:


The USPS has been notified of fraudulent activity against the liteblue application.

This is a different, more sophisticated scheme that is compromising the MFA one time passcode.

Out of an abundance of caution we will be disabling the ability to make net to bank or allotment changes while we investigate.

Employees can still cancel net to bank or allotments through the IVR and we are working with the HRSSC to implement a process to establish net to bank and allotments moving forward.

We will keep you posted.



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