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Retiree's Please update your information

Retiree's Chapter News

Dear Local-7140 Retiree's Chapter Member,

In a effort to communicate better with our Retiree's Membership, we are requesting your help, by sending us your E-mail Address. In return, our Retiree's Chapter Leaders, will provide you with periodic updates on Retiree's Issues, Legislation, and concerns. You can also send any questions you may have to our Local Retiree's Union E-mail Website.

With the above said, send us your E-mail Address for our Newly created Retiree's E-mail Mailing List.

Send Your Email address along with your Retiree Membership name to'.

Clover Krajicek, Vice President Or Janet Street, Retiree's Secretary

Thank You In Advance,

The Struggle Continue's


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