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Special Covid-19 Cleaning Update!

Maintenance Update (MU) December 21, 2021, Volume 23, No. 78, Updated Influenza and Coronavirus Cleaning Contingency, included the following statement which has caused confusion at some sites:

Additional cleaning tasks set forth in MMO-031-20 are unnecessary because MS-47 TL-5 cleaning tasks comply with CDC recommendations, as long as the PortionPac Germicidal Green 232 Cleaner/Disinfectant and Bioesque chemicals are being utilized.

To be clear, all staff are required to complete the tasks associated with MMO-031-20. It remains active as it contains information in addition to custodial cleaning and disinfecting processes.

One of the reasons behind creating MMO-031-20 at the onset of the COVID pandemic, was because custodial cleaning was completed with a general cleaner and not a disinfectant (except for the restrooms). Once the Bioesque and PortionPac 232 Green were introduced into the custodial cleaning process, the additional steps of utilizing a separate disinfectant were no longer necessary because the two new products are combination of a cleaner and disinfectant, and not just general cleaners.

This only applies to the sites that are currently using PortionPac 232 Green and/or Bioesque (or other USPS approved chemicals that are a combination cleaner and disinfectant) while completing custodial tasks. Sites not using these products would need an additional product to disinfect fomites being cleaned.

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