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Talk is Cheap - News Brief

The Talk in the attached Veterans Suicide Prevention News Brief, is cheap, it has been well over 10 years that the Veterans Suicide Rate has continued climbing to the current annual rate of 6,261 Veterans dying by Suicide last year. Having Private contractor Veteran Suicide Hotline numbers is not reducing Veterans suicide. Asking American Communities to help in reducing Veterans Suicide, is not going to solve the Veterans Suicide Problem.

How about providing our over 22 Million Living Veterans, with Top quality Professionally Trained VA Mental-Healthcare, like they did in the 20th Century, and stop denying Veterans with a Honorable DD-214, enrollment into VA Mental Healthcare. The Suicide Rate for Veterans, would decrease dramatically. I never have claimed that I know everything. But I Know what I Know.

Download PDF • 172KB

Bob La Foe, Veterans Affairs Rep.

Northwest Illinois Area Local-7140

American Postal Workers Union AFL-CIO


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