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USPS Planning to Deploy Additional SDUS to Various Facilities Throughout the Country

Please note this does not affect NWIAL Local at this time, this is strictly informative.

Please disseminate to the field.

Please contact your respective Clerk NBA RI-399 representative or Clerk Assistant Lynn Pallas-Barber in the event you need further assistance.

I have assigned Lynn Pallas-Barber as the HQ Clerk Division RI-399 contact for these work jurisdictional issues.

Lynn has sent out information to the field on the SDUS and staffing under the heading ‘SDUS’ and I will leave it up to her as to whether she chooses to update any other material/guidance to the field.

Important RI-399 information was placed on the flash drive device that was shared at the national convention with the delegates.

In union solidarity, the struggle continues.

Please click the file below to read the full Notification

Lamont Brooks Director Clerk Division

Download • 1.10MB


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