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USPS Will Discontinue & Dismantle FSS Machines in Several Facilities across the Country!

From: Lamont Brooks <> Sent: Saturday, May 8, 2021 Subject: Notification No. GCCC20210149 USPS Will Discontinue and Dismantle FSS Machines In Several Facilities Across the Country

We have requested several meeting on the Postal Service shift from letter/flat automation equipment to package sorting equipment under the ten-year plan.

The problem has been we have been unable to schedule a productive meeting with the major principles at the meetings to have meaningful discussions.

I normally like to provide some guidance to the field when I send out notifications but due to the passage of time, I can’t continue to wait.

The Posta Service is claiming a 40% reduction in mail volume and that they have remaining equipment to be able to process the mail with no affect on the letter carrier’s delivery and customer service.

They claim they are freeing up space to process the fast growing parcel volume by installing parcel sorting equipment. The local unions should know if this is true.

I am concerned and paying close attention to where the Postal Service is allocating the equipment they are removing. I have made a site visit to one STC site and I have authorized a NBA to visit a second site.

If there are any identifying information on the machines they are removing I am asking that you secure the documentation and provide it to me. I want to track the equipment and make sure this postal equipment is not being given to the private surface transfer centers to process mail that normally would be processed by us.

While I understand we must adapt to the mail types we are receiving, I am also cognizant of the fact the Postal Service has full intent to contract out our work.

Please disseminate to the field.

Lamont A. Brooks Director Clerk Division American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO


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