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Veteran Affairs Meeting Recap December 2022.

1- Subject: Check out About VA Insurance Options And Eligibility | Veterans Affairs About VA Insurance Options And Eligibility | Veterans Affairs

2- Subject: From The Office Of VA Secretary Denis McDonough Regarding Veterans with Cancer under The Pact Act

Click above for More valuable Veterans Benefits information regard Cancer under the Pact Act, and the hiring of 1000's VA Claims Employee's at 56 Regional VA Offices and 39 processing and call Centers within the United States and Puerto Rico.

VA will begin processing of all Pact Act Related Claims January I, 2023

3- Subject: Check out VA to host town halls for Veterans, families during 'PACT Act Week of Action' - VA News

4- I've been working on our new Veterans Page for over a year now. Finally, with the help of our Brilliant Webmaster Kyle Popek, I'm learning how to use it. I should be ready to communicate Union and Veterans Affairs information regularly, by January 1st, 2023. Bob La Foe

5- Veterans, and Chapter Leaders, Please send me your e-mail address, for periodic Veterans updates, and questions about Veterans Affairs Issues. Bob La Foe


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