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Retiree’s Chapter News Bulletin: September-- December 2021

Holiday Seasons Greetings Chapter Members

Our Retiree’s Chapter continues to promote and support the Safety & Health decisions made at the APWU National Level & the State Of Illinois, regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. Therefore, we will continue following the “No In Person” Local Retiree’s Membership Meetings, & Social Distancing Guidelines, for Chapters that don’t have the ability to host their own Retiree’s Chapter Zoom Meetings. Restrictions are effective until further notice in 2022.

COVID-19 Vaccination & Booster Shots: After two years of daily reports of death and suffering, it appears that dealing with the COVID Virus, and it’s band of Variants, Delta & Omicron, will be the new daily normal for America, & every Country in the entire World. With that said, our Local-7140 Retiree’s Chapter encourages all our Retiree Members, to get their free COVID Shots, & Booster shots, continue to practice Social Distancing, and wear a Mask in Public.

Virtual/Zoom APWU Retiree’s & Legislative Conference Report September 2021: Day One consisted of several Workshops of interest to educate, train and inform our Retiree’s Members. Day Two highlights were A, “Right To Work Video” & A COPA Presentation. And Day Three was the National Retiree’s Report. There are 31,277 Dues Paying Retiree Members, and 88 APWU Retiree’s Chapters Nationwide. Over 50 Chapter Presidents, including our own Local-7140 Retiree’s Chapter President Bob La Foe, gave reports on the state of their Local Chapters. $150.00 COPAmatic Award/ 5th Year Retiree’s Chapter Anniversary: Congratulations to our entire Local-7140 Retiree’s Chapter for the $150 COPA Award, for outstanding Member contributions to COPA. Also, our Retiree’s Chapter recently Celebrated a Belated 5th Anniversary. It was in May of 2016, that we officially became our Local’s Retiree’s Chapter. Stay Active/Get Involved: Our Local-7140 Retiree’s Chapter encourages all of our Retiree Membership to get involved. One of the suggested ways to stay involved, is to help our Local Chapter Recruit new Retiree Members. Our Northwest Illinois Area Local, has over 500 living Retiree’s, who never joined a Retiree’s $3.00 per Month Chapter after Retirement from the Postal Service. Help us recruit them. If you know anyone who Retired from our APWU Local-7140, or any APWU Local in the entire Northern Suburbs of Illinois, please encourage them to join our Retiree’s Chapter. They can do so by visiting the National Web page at, or our Local Retiree’s page at The Retiree’s Membership Application with instructions, can be filled out online, or printed out and Faxed, or Mailed at either Website. Currently, as of December 2021, our Retirees Chapter has only 109 Due’s paying Members. Let that sink in.

A Merry Safe Christmas & A Healthy Happy New Year To You and Your Family


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